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Online privacy is a right for all.

The Right to Online Privacy and How to Achieve It

What is Online Privacy? Online privacy describes a state of keeping your information safe and private from others. This could mean protecting your information from nefarious individuals like snoopers or hacks, from Internet service providers (ISPs) collecting data about you and your online…

Golden Frog Goes to DC

Golden Frog Visits DC to Talk Privacy, Open Internet in 2017

We had a great week in Washington DC, meeting with trade groups and congressional leaders to talk policy, privacy and how we can all work together on the issues Golden Frog cares so deeply about. Here are some highlights from our trip: Met with…

Senate votes down FCC privacy regulations

Congressman Says “Nobody Needs to Use the Internet” – We Disagree

This week, Rep Jim Sensenbrenner said he didn’t believe Congress needed to enact Internet privacy guidelines because nobody needs to use the Internet. Yes, you read that right – he said nobody needs to use the Internet. As many were quick to point…

VyprVPN Feature Highlight: Kill Switch

VyprVPN Feature Highlight: Kill Switch

Is Your Connection Secure? There are a lot of online security risks out there – from snooping, to data collection, to malicious sites. With so many threats to your privacy, sometimes the thought of connecting to the Internet without a VPN can be a scary…

pread the Word About ISP Snooping, Win a VyprVPN Account

Your ISP Can Sell Your Data: What To Do Now

The United States recently killed regulations that would have protected you from Internet service providers (ISPs) snooping and selling your information to third parties. Now, many are asking what they should do to protect their privacy online. Here’s what you should do. We’re having…

States pass legislation following ISP privacy vote

States Propose Legislation to Address ISP Privacy Concerns

In response to the United States’ vote to block the FCC’s regulations governing ISPs and consumer privacy, many state legislatures are taking action. Since the vote last week, we’ve seen numerous states introducing their own measures to enact consumer privacy protections since the…

VyprVPN's block malicious sites feature.

VyprVPN Feature Highlight: Block Malicious Sites

Are You Safe Online? There is a ton of malware out there, and over 430 million new pieces of malware were discovered in 2015 alone! Malicious sites can infect your computer with viruses or spyware, which is damaging to your devices AND has…

UpTown Radio

From UpTown Radio: Internet Service Providers Are Buying Your Data, and Scammers Are Pretending to Protect It

Golden Frog’s president Sunday Yokubaitis was interviewed on UpTown Radio in response to the recent vote that ISPs can continue to sell and share consumer data without permission. In this interview, he talks about the recent news, the VPN market and how VPNs…

FCC Blocks Regulations to Protect Consumer Internet Privacy

Four things the FCC & FTC got wrong in their Washington Post Op-ed

In case you missed it, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai and FTC Chairman Maureen Ohlhausen co-authored a piece justifying their effort to eliminate consumer privacy online, and offered an explanation as to why this action is for the greater good. While it is comforting…

pread the Word About ISP Snooping, Win a VyprVPN Account

Spread the Word About ISP Snooping, Win a VyprVPN Account

Update – May 1, 2017: The contest is now closed – thanks to all who entered and helped spread the word about Internet privacy and ISP snooping! We have selected our winners, and  all have been contacted via direct message at this time….