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UK spying on citizens for 17 years

UK Court Rules Surveillance Under Snooper’s Charter Unlawful

Citizens of the UK concerned about privacy can breathe a sigh of relief! The UK Court of Appeal ruled the government’s mass digital surveillance program unlawful last week. In motioning to reevaluate aspects of a law once named the most extreme form of surveillance,…

Golden Frog Goes to DC

Golden Frog and Data Foundry Meet with FCC Commissioner Clyburn

We had a great visit with FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn today, when she joined us for a tour at our sister company, Data Foundry’s, newest data center Texas 2. We shared our thoughts on many topics, including Open Access and privacy. Clyburn is a…

Data Privacy Day 2016

Happy Data Privacy Day 2018

Here at Golden Frog, we’re gearing up to celebrate one of our favorite days – Data Privacy Day! Sponsored by and led by the National Cyber Security Alliance, Data Privacy Day is held every year on January 28th to spread awareness about data privacy…

The Hill

From The Hill: It’s Time to Take Our Privacy Back From Tech Companies

In this op-ed from The Hill, Golden Frog Co-Founder Ron Yokubaitis discusses privacy and the concept of data and digital information as personal property. Your personal information is being collected, organized, purchased and sold on a global market. Polls consistently show that most people are concerned…

CES 2016

Golden Frog Attends CES 2018, Explores Latest in Privacy and Technology

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada is upon us and we’re thrilled to be here to explore the latest cutting-edge technologies. We’re also talking privacy and security as they relate to evolving technology, and the importance of staying secure in a…

Golden Frog Goes to DC

Golden Frog Meets with Congressman Lloyd Doggett, Talks Open Access and Privacy

We had a great meeting with Congressman LLoyd Doggett yesterday, when he visited our offices to chat about the latest Internet and tech policy. We touched on a lot of topics – including hot button issues net neutrality, the escalating censorship situation in China and…

Privacy Box

New Legislation Grants Australians Ownership of Internet Data

Set to be the biggest reform to Australian consumer law in a generation, the Australian government will be introducing legislation allowing consumers to access and own their data for banking, energy and telecommunications (Internet). The Consumer Data Right legislation will allow consumers to…

Cyber Monday, Cyber Shopping

Cyber Monday: Common Threats and How to Protect Your Privacy

With Cyber Monday – one of the largest online shopping days of the year – fast approaching, protecting yourself against cyberattacks is more important than ever. Cyber Monday this year is set to become the largest online sales day in history. According to…

China's social credit score has alarming privacy implications

China’s Proposed ‘Social Credit Score’ Brings Scores of Implications for Privacy

Back in 2014, the State Council of China published a document entitled “Planning Outline for the Construction of a Social Credit System.”  While the name is fairly innocuous, the concept it presents is far from. In this document, China proposes a national trust…

There are many dangers associated with public Wi-Fi.

Don’t Use Public Wi-Fi Without Protection. Ever.

The Internet is abuzz with news of the latest Internet vulnerability, this time in a ubiquitous place – Wi-Fi Networks. While we already knew just how insecure Wi-Fi networks were, this latest discovery is raising alarm bells for a great deal of people….