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Verizon is throttling customer again with their new unlimited plans.

Verizon Throttling Videos on Unlimited Plans

Verizon is throttling video again, and the public is not happy about it. The ISP giant is purposefully not providing enough bandwidth to satisfy customer needs, instead deciding to throttle ALL video on their unlimited plans, with mobile video capped at a very low 480p…

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Opting Out: How to Disable Settings to Protect Your Privacy

With all the recent buzz around Internet privacy and news that ISPs can continue to collect information about Internet users and even sell it, you might be (rightfully) worried about how your information is being collected and used online. There’s been a lot…

pread the Word About ISP Snooping, Win a VyprVPN Account

Your ISP Can Sell Your Data: What To Do Now

The United States recently killed regulations that would have protected you from Internet service providers (ISPs) snooping and selling your information to third parties. Now, many are asking what they should do to protect their privacy online. Here’s what you should do. We’re having…

UpTown Radio

From UpTown Radio: Internet Service Providers Are Buying Your Data, and Scammers Are Pretending to Protect It

Golden Frog’s president Sunday Yokubaitis was interviewed on UpTown Radio in response to the recent vote that ISPs can continue to sell and share consumer data without permission. In this interview, he talks about the recent news, the VPN market and how VPNs…

pread the Word About ISP Snooping, Win a VyprVPN Account

Spread the Word About ISP Snooping, Win a VyprVPN Account

Update – May 1, 2017: The contest is now closed – thanks to all who entered and helped spread the word about Internet privacy and ISP snooping! We have selected our winners, and  all have been contacted via direct message at this time….

FCC Blocks Regulations to Protect Consumer Internet Privacy

Trump Signs Bill, Kills ISP Privacy Regulations Once and For All

It’s official. Yesterday afternoon United States President Donald Trump signed a bill into law (S.J 34/H.J. 86), repealing FCC online privacy protections for consumers browsing online. As expected Trump signed the bill, officially killing regulations previously created by the FCC just weeks before…